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Our Process

We understand that the pressing demands of athletes and coaches lead to little time and resources for money management and financial planning. Our goal is to allow you to fully focus on the game confidently knowing that your financial life is being well taken care of. We’ve designed our process for sports professionals to be comprehensive and once finalized, be a game plan to manage all your finances with ease today while helping to ensure long-term lifestyle and legacy goals.


Our team of advisors will work with you and your representation to organize all aspects of your financial life and develop a comprehensive financial game plan that considers your spending needs and both your short and long-term goals.

We’ll also define our partnership, outlining your responsibility as a client and our responsibility as your advisor. This step also includes a discussion of how we will be compensated, how long our professional relationship should last and how decisions will be made. Using tools such as E-Money and a financial binder, we assemble all information regarding your financial situation, mutually define your personal and financial goals, understand your time frame for results and discuss your tolerance level for risk.


We analyze your assets, liabilities, cash flow, insurance coverage, investments, tax strategies and strategic charitable planning and offer customized financial planning recommendations that address your unique goals. Providing unbiased, transparent advice, we’ll help to preserve your assets and earnings against injury risk and conserve your wealth. We’ll also provide career transition support so that you can be confident of income longevity and fulfillment of your long-term lifestyle and legacy goals. We carefully listen to your questions and concerns and revise our recommendations as appropriate.


Once the financial plan meets with your approval, we carry out our recommendations, coordinating the process with you and, when appropriate, other professional advisors, such as your agent, accountant and/or attorney.


We will carefully monitor your portfolio’s progress to ensure that it adeptly adapts to changes in the markets and in your career.

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