Tailored financial planning and wealth management solutions designed so you can focus on your performance and career. Providing confidence that we're helping to protect your day-to-day planning and financial legacy.

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Experience & Expertise You Can Trust

As a division of CrossleyShear Wealth Management and supported by Raymond James Financial Services, the CSsports team has years of experience tackling today’s complex financial challenges. We’ll work with you and your management team to develop a comprehensive financial game plan that addresses all your needs before, during and after your athletic career.

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Tailored Financial Planning & Wealth Solutions

Driven by a promise to deliver the utmost in personalized care and customized solutions for your unique needs, we address all areas of your financial life from cash management and bill paying to strategic charitable planning and trust services.

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A Process Focused on Performance and Growth

Our time-tested process follows clear and logical steps that exclusively center on the performance of your assets – actively managing your present and future cash flow, continually monitoring your progress and making adjustments as needed to help ensure your financial goals are on plan.

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