A Time Tested Investment Process as Personal as You

An approach founded on data, market history and a holistic understanding of your unique life goals and needs.

Planning for your financial future is very much like a lifelong voyage. As with any well-planned journey, you begin with a destination in mind. However, as time marches on, your travels are occasionally disrupted requiring a new course, but with the same destination always within sight. The same can be said for your financial voyage as it inevitably must adapt to your changing needs and the driving forces of the markets and the ever-changing economy. With more than 25 years of investment experience, we are keenly aware of the importance of developing a customized plan that evolves with your changing needs, carefully considering your long-term goals and providing comfort with respect to today’s market risks. The cornerstone of Voyage is a proprietary algorithm that helps guide emotion-free decisions. Coupled with time-tested research, a rich understanding of the markets and our care-based approach to wealth management, we’re committed to developing an investment strategy that’s not only distinctly yours, but is designed to get results and provide you the confidence your dreams and aspirations of tomorrow are always on the horizon.


After carefully listening to your needs and securing a firm understanding of your financial situation, we clearly explain the services that we’ll provide. Equally important, we will also define your responsibility as a client and our responsibility as your advisor. This important step includes a discussion of how we will be compensated, how long our professional relationship should last and how decisions will be made. We mutually define your personal and financial goals, understand your timeframe for results and discuss your tolerance level for risk.

During this time, we’ll also help you organize and assemble all your financial information with helpful tools through Raymond James Client Access including Vault and account aggregation. Vault allows you to securely store and share digital copies of all your important documents ranging from financial statements to legal documents. Account aggregation provides you with a consolidated view of all your financial accounts in one place and it’s updated nightly.


Once we have a comprehensive view of your goals and current financial picture, we analyze your assets, liabilities, cash flow, insurance coverage, investments, and tax strategies. During this time, it’s also vital that we align on your risk tolerance. Through the use of Riskalyze©, we can accurately pinpoint the best investment strategy based on your unique risk number.

We then offer financial planning recommendations that address your personal and family goals. Our proprietary system provides us the ability to diversify with asset classes and deliver success through the industry’s most proven products and strategies. Our goal is to mitigate risk and be mindful of expense ratios and tax consequences without sacrificing return on your portfolio.


Review of your investments is crucial to meeting your goals and adapting to your life’s needs. Using mathematical algorithms, coupled with a methodical, proprietary scoring process, our analytical process provides disciplined and unemotional “buy” and “sell” signals as the market changes. Based on these signals, client assets are then moved between stock, bond, sector, money market mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. We also leverage our industry renowned research at Raymond James to implement investments that meet specific fundamental requirements. By combining these strategies, we strive to deliver our clients an ever-evolving plan that keeps their ultimate destination a reality without uncompromising the life they enjoy today.


Through ongoing communication and following the Voyage process, we carefully review your portfolio's progress to ensure that it adapts to changes in your life – wherever it may take you.

Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected, including asset allocation and diversification. Any opinions are those of CrossleyShear and not necessarily those of Raymond James. The information contained in this report does not purport to be a complete description of the securities, markets, or developments referred to in this material. The foregoing information has been obtained from sources considered to be reliable, but we do not guarantee that it is accurate or complete, it is not a statement of all available data necessary for making an investment decision, and it does not constitute a recommendation.

Riskalyze is an independent third party service provider and is not affiliated with Raymond James.

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