Raymond James is proud to be working with EverSafe® to help you protect your money, credit and identity.

Raymond James is proud to be working with EverSafe® to help you protect your money, credit and identity. EverSafe® can help keep you safe by monitoring your bank and investment accounts, credit cards and credit reports for signs of suspicious activity. On guard 24/7, EverSafe® uses comprehensive data analytics to build a personal profile based on your historical financial activity and detect activity that deviates from those patterns. In case of suspicious activity, EverSafe® will send you a personalized alert to address the issue immediately.

Consolidated Family Dashboard

EverSafe helps you stay on top of your family finances. All accounts. All institutions. All family members. All in one place. Extra bonus – notices about unpaid bills, changes in interest rates and more.

An “Extra Set of Eyes” Feature

According to experts, monitoring is the most critical tool for detecting scams, fraud and identity theft. EverSafe enables you to designate family members, caregivers or trusted professionals to receive alerts and assist in monitoring.

Specialized Protection for Seniors

Developed by experts in aging and fraud, EverSafe’s enhanced algorithms provide deeper protection for seniors. Our age-friendly software supports powers of attorney, guardians, conservators and trusts.

Identity Theft and Much More

EverSafe® offers a suite of essential services.

  • Identity theft protection
  • Financial account monitoring
  • Trusted family/professional support
  • Personalized alerts
  • Specialized protection for seniors
  • Fraud resolution/identity theft restoration

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