Double Marinated Prawns Carpaccio

Carpaccio (Raw fish) brings us back to ancestral traditions that have now been made popular with growing popularity of sushi. Behind such an elementary (apparently) dish are hidden techniques, skills and different stories, which have developed over the centuries. We take precautions, to ensure the safety of this dish. Here we share with you the secrets behind a Prawns Carpaccio, with his extremely delicate double marinade, that gives you an explosion of sea flavors.


8 jumbo shrimp (prawns) (If you buy fresh jumpo shrimp, make sure you freeze them for at least 24 hours before you expect to cook with them, then defrost them and store in the refrigerator so that you begin with thawed shrimp)

1 lemon

1 orange

4 slices of Rye bread

2 raspberries

6 mint leaves

Extra virgin olive oil

Mediterranean Sea Salt

Ground Black Pepper


On a cutting board, clean the prawns as follows: remove the outer shell on the tail by using your hands and make an incision at the back of the prawn with a knife to eliminate the black gut. Set aside the prawns heads. Once the prawns are cleaned, put them in a bowl.

Now proceed with the marinade of the prawns. Add a drizzle of EVO oil, a pinch of salt, a pinch of pepper and the zest of a lemon and an orange. Mix by hand, or gently with a spoon.

By using a round teacup, obtain four round slices (molds) of rye bread and toast them in the oven for 5 minutes at 350 °F.

Now take the bowl with the heads of the prawns and squeeze them by hand to obtain the juice and emulsify with a drizzle of EVO oil (stir it with a fork).

On a cutting board, coarsely chop the marinated prawns into cubes.

Serve by laying a slice of toasted rye bread on the bottom of a plate, then lay a dose of prawns (about a full tablespoon) on it and drizzle with the emulsion sauce. Garnish the top by adding half of a raspberry and the chopped mint leaves, then serve.

This dish pair perfectly with a Vermentino white wine.

Buon Appetito!


Recipe from La Cucina Sabina:

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